How many Ami Amis™ are there?

Every wave of the Ami Amis™ collection contains 30 friends that collectors of all ages will be excited to play with and display.  

How many waves of Ami Amis™ are available?

Wave 1 is available now. Wave 2 launches in Spring 2023. 

What levels of Rarity do Ami Amis™ have?

Ami Amis™ have 3 levels of Rarity: Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare.  

What are the Ami Amis™ design themes?

Wave 1 has 3 Design Themes: Animal Buddies, Foodie Friends, and Retro characters. 

Where can I buy/find Ami Amis™?

Ami Amis™ plush toys are available exclusively at Walmart stores.  

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How do you pronounce Ami Amis™?

Thanks for asking! You can listen to an audio file below.

Since when have Ami Amis™ been available?

Ami Amis™ launched in January 2023. 

Where can I learn more about Ami Amis™?

The Ami Amis™ website, is a great place to learn about Ami Amis™ toys. We also recommend following us on social media for updates and fun content. You can join the tight knit Ami Amis™ crew on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Instagram: @amiamis.official

I lost my Collector Poster/Tag – can I get another?

You sure can! Click here to visit our downloads page where you can download your very own Collector Posters. 

Who makes Ami Amis™?

We do! We are a toy company company named Jakks Pacific, Inc.

Where do Ami Amis™ come from?

Why, the Knittyverse™, of course! 

How do I clean my Ami Amis™?

We recommend spot cleaning your Ami Amis using cold water and gentle soap.