your TIGHT-KNIT crew

some of us are CUTE.
some of us are QUIRKY.
and we all CAN’T WAIT to HANG with YOU.

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Animal Buddies

Foodie Friends




Ultra Rare

Bunnies and pangolins, and koalas – oh my! The Ami Amis™ Animal Buddies range from cute and cuddly characters like dogs and sloths to hilarious designs like frogs, skunks, and pig-i-corns! Find your perfect fit animal buddy today! 

Pizza, french fries, boba and more! The Ami Amis™ Foodie Friends are all designed to reflect your favorite foods and snacks! From strawberries to soda, or sushi to ice cream, these delicious friends are a tasty addition to any collection!     

The Ami Amis™ Retro segment represents the best of the past. If you love vintage finds and classic kitschy designs, these plush collectibles are just right for you! From toasters to lava lamps to old CPUs, this group is proud to go back in time! 

Common Ami Amis™ are easygoing, easy to find, chill designs. They’re happy to hang out and wait for you at the store. Stop on by and pick a few up, today!  

Rare Ami Amis™ plush toys represent more of a challenge to find in the wild! With 9 Rare character designs in each wave, you’re sure to eventually come across a few! Good luck, Collectors!  

Ultra Rare Ami Amis™ are the most elusive designs! With 12 unique Ultra Rare characters to collect in every wave, there’s a lot to track down – are you ready for the challenge? 

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Ami AmisTM is an immersive world of cozy, knitted characters designed to delight. Our plush friends are inspired by all the joys in life. Food. Music. Animals. Nostalgia. Some friends are cute, some are quirky, and all of them are thrilled to be a part of your tight-knit crew.